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Bug#774232: recommend using a wired connexion

On Du, 04 ian 15, 12:25:49, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
> Maybe I'm confusing the jessie upgrade with the wheezy one, but i was
> under the impression that a major upgrade may drop some
> license-encumbred firmare that may eventually disable the wifi card
> during the upgrade...

If a package is dropped from Debian's repositories it isn't removed from 
the user's system unless some other package has a Conflicts or Breaks 
against it, which wouldn't make much sense for a firmware package.

On the other hand for an upgrade done locally the network connection is 
needed only during the package download phase. If the upgrade is remote 
the issue wouldn't be restricted to wireless connections as some 
ethernet chipsets also require firmware.

There might however be an issue with remote upgrades over wireless 
connections handled by Network Manager as it still reinitializes the 
connection on service restart, so doing a remote upgrade over wireless 
could under specific circumstances lead to problems.

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