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Bug#533267: release-notes: Purging uninstalled packages

On Du, 23 nov 14, 22:54:20, Niels Thykier wrote:
> Note, I opted for using dpkg -l + awk rather than aptitude, because a)
> all users have dpkg + awk and b) we have started recommending apt-get
> over aptitude again for upgrades.
Since aptitude is Priority: standard most systems will have it 
installed. Could it at lease be mentioned as alternative, as the command 
is much simpler?

> A review of the text is much appreciated.  Please CC me on relies.
> -<programlisting condition="fixme">TODO: Still needed?</programlisting>
> +<section id="purge-removed-packages">
> +  <title>Purging removed packages</title>
> +  <para>
> +    It is generally advisable to purge packages have been removed.

s/packages have/packages that have/ though this might work as well

    It is generally advisable to purge removed packages.

> +    This is especially true, if these have been removed in an earlier
> +    release upgrade (e.g. from the upgrade to &oldreleasename;) or
> +    from third-party vendors.  In particular, old init.d scripts have
> +    been known to cause issues.
> +  </para>
> +  <caution>
> +    <para>
> +      Purging a package will generally also purge its log files
> +      permanently.  If you want to keep these, you should take
> +      a copy of them before purging the package.

Maybe s/take/make/, though I'd reword the entire paragraph.

    Purging a package will generally also purge its log files, so you 
    might want to back them up first.

Kind regards,
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