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Re: CSS style for the documentation pages?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to generate pdf files in maint-guide and I get an error
with the current version in the git repository.
 $ git clone
 $ make
mkdir -p /home/stephane/tmp/latest/maint-guide/tmp/pdf-ca
export TEXINPUTS=".:"; \
export TMPDIR="/home/stephane/tmp/latest/maint-guide/tmp/pdf-ca"; \
xsltproc --novalid --nonet --xinclude xslt/dblatex.xsl maint-guide.ca.xml  | \
dblatex --style=native \
    --debug \
    --backend=xetex \
    --xsl-user=xslt/user_param.xsl \
    --xsl-user=xslt/xetex_param.xsl \
    --param=draft.mode=maybe \
    --param=lingua=ca \
- || { echo "OMG!!!!!! XXX_CHECK_XXX ... Do not worry ..."; true ; }
Build the book set list...
Build the listings...
XSLT stylesheets DocBook - LaTeX 2e (0.3.4-3)
Build stdin.pdf
xelatex failed
stdin.tex:96: Emergency stop.
stdin.tex:96: leading text: \maketitle
/home/stephane/tmp/latest/maint-guide/tmp/pdf-ca/tmpIqFoQU not removed

A possible reason for transformation failure is invalid DocBook
(as reported by xmllint)

Error: xelatex compilation failed
OMG!!!!!! XXX_CHECK_XXX ... Do not worry ...

None pdf are generated. The html files are ok.
The error occurs in the dblatex command.

Is anyone get the same error?

In case it helps:
$ xelatex --version
XeTeX 3.1415926-2.5-0.9999.3-2014040618 (TeX Live 2013/Debian)
kpathsea version 6.1.1
Copyright 2013 SIL International and Jonathan Kew.
There is NO warranty.  Redistribution of this software is
covered by the terms of both the XeTeX copyright and
the Lesser GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the file
named COPYING and the XeTeX source.
Primary author of XeTeX: Jonathan Kew.
Compiled with ICU version 52.1; using 52.1
Compiled with zlib version 1.2.8; using 1.2.8
Compiled with FreeType2 version 2.5.2; using 2.5.2
Compiled with Graphite2 version 1.2.4; using 1.2.4
Compiled with HarfBuzz version 0.9.27; using 0.9.28
Compiled with fontconfig version 2.11.0; using 2.11.0
Compiled with libpng version 1.2.50; using 1.2.50
Compiled with poppler version 0.24.5

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