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Release notes comments: whats-new.po

in whats-new.po I saw that LXDE is noted as having a version number (0.5.0). This seems odd when LXDE is made out of individual components with different version numbers. I should know this as I am the upstream release manager =)

My proposal would be to remove the version number from the sentence.
Forming the following:
"Among others it now includes the desktop environments GNOME<indexterm><primary>GNOME</primary></indexterm> 3.4, KDE<indexterm><primary>KDE</primary></indexterm> 4.8.4, Xfce<indexterm><primary>Xfce</primary></indexterm> 4.8, and LXDE<indexterm><primary>LXDE</primary></indexterm>."

Bruce Schneier assembled assembly...with his bare hands!

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