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Bug#706217: release-notes: mention manual upgrade path for dovecot

Quoting Dominik George (nik@naturalnet.de):
> Package: release-notes
> Severity: normal
> Hash: SHA256
> The dovecot packages have a new major release in wheezy (Dovecot 1 vs.
> Dovecot 2). Almost nothing remained the same - the maintainer as wel as
> upstream have chosesn to make the two versions heavily incompatible.
> AN automated upgrade from the squeeze package to the wheezy package is
> not possible (right now, the wheezy dovecot package fails in postinst
> when upgrading from squeeze and also on a fresh installation, but this
> is another issue). The upgrade needs a lot of manual work to convert the
> configuration to the new format and also parameters for integration with
> MTAs changed.
> If the release team wants to add a section about that in the release
> notes, please notify me and I will happily create one.

I think you don't need an ACK from the release team: please create
such section. Dovecot is "important" enough to deserve this (and,
anyway, whatever contribution to release notes for non-smooth package
upgrades is certainly welcomed).

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