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easy to workaround

reassign 705452 release-notes
# though maybe better: reassign 705452 xml-core


this problem is rather easy to workaround, this is the code now run on jenkins.debian.net after changing sources.lists from squeeze to wheezy:

 apt-get update
+# workaround #705452
+(dpkg -l xml-core && apt-get -y install xml-core) || true
 apt-get -y upgrade
 apt-get -y dist-upgrade
 apt-get -y dist-upgrade

And voila, http://jenkins.debian.net/job/chroot-installation_squeeze_install_kde_upgrade_to_wheezy/207 is the first successful test since April 8th, 208 is the one using the code shown above. 
(207 also explicitly installed docbook-xml, but as 208 shows this is not needed.)

IOW: if xml-core is installed, one shall upgrade xml-core first, before upgrading other packages. And this should be documented.


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