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Re: Release notes

On Vi, 12 apr 13, 08:39:03, Justin B Rye wrote:
> > 
> > This distinction has nothing to do with visual mode of aptitude, the
> > command line interface provides similar levels of interaction.
> You really think so?  I'm surprised, because my experience is entirely
> different: I find using aptitude's full-screen mode fundamentally
> different from its CLI in a way that makes it much more effective in
> managing complex sets of dependencies.  And I was assuming this was a
> matter of general consensus, since after all it's what this document
> has been (rather clumsily) advising everybody for years.
+1 from a heavy aptitude user
> I intend as usual to do a proofreading sweep of the whole Wheezy
> Release Notes, fixing even the trivial typos.  Probably to you it
> looks like tedious nitpicking, just as to me a lot of programming work
> looks like tedious nitpicking.  Is this a good reason for fighting to
> keep my contributions out of Debian?
Speaking with my Romanian Translator hat, your work is very much 
appreciated. Translating is so much easier if the meaning is simple and 

Kind regards,
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