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Bug#703753: please advise on kernel upgrade text in release-notes

Hi kernel team,

Last week I stumbled upon the current text in the release-notes about
kernel/udev upgrade. If we don't update it, it says (among other things)
the text below [1]. I believe this text is obsolete and was ONLY meant
for the lenny to squeeze update. Do you agree that this part should be
removed? Or do you think it should be rewritten (in the latter case, can
you do a proposal)? If some of the current text stays, I say at least
the names wheezy and squeeze are wrong.

Kind regards,


4.4.5. Upgrading the kernel and udev

The udev version in wheezy requires a kernel of version 2.6.26 or newer
with the CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED option disabled and the
CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER and CONFIG_SIGNALFD options enabled. Because the
standard Debian kernels in squeeze (version 2.6.26) have
CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED enabled, and the udev version in squeeze will
not provide all the functionality expected by the latest kernels,
special care must be taken when upgrading to avoid putting your system
in an unbootable state.

Booting the 2.6.26 kernel from squeeze with the udev from wheezy may
result in a failure to correctly assign names to network devices, and
will also fail to apply certain additional permissions to block devices
(such as access by the disk group). The software itself will appear to
be working, but some rules (for example, network-based rules) will not
be loaded properly. It is therefore strongly recommended that you
upgrade the kernel on its own at this point, to ensure a compatible
kernel is available before upgrading udev.

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