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Bug#669726: release-notes: Please document tmpfs filesystem changes for wheezy

On Mon, Apr  1, 2013 at 08:38:30 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:

> +          Applications which create excessively large temporary files always
> +          only in <filename class='directory'>/tmp</filename> while not
> +          honoring <literal>TMPDIR</literal> may cause
> +          <filename class='directory'>/tmp</filename> to run out of free space.
> +          Such applications should not force to use
> +          <filename class='directory'>/tmp</filename>, and require fixing.
> +          Please consider filing a bug report against the application in
> +          question if you experience such an occurrence.

Two comments:
- I don't think the last two sentences are particularly helpful in the
  RN, so I'd drop them
- I'm confused by the bit about TMPDIR, since we don't say anything
  about setting that variable anywhere, so even if an app obeys TMPDIR
  if it's set, it'll still fill up /tmp by default.


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