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Bug#704424: release-notes: sufficient-space hints give confusing advice

Justin B Rye wrote:
> Justin B Rye wrote:

>> [...] It seems to me we should put all our coverage of
>> redundant packages in 4.4.3 (mentioning "apt-get autoremove" and
>> avoiding the word "obsolete"), put all our coverage of relic packages
>> in 4.9, and leave the two sections completely unconnected.
> Here's an attempt at a patch to do that.

I haven't tried to format it, but it certainly has more of a chance of
being well-formed than the patch I sent before. ;-)

So for what it's worth, this gets my ack.

> Is it still true that deborphan is "highly recommended", or is that a
> leftover from the days when it was the only tool that implemented any
> of this functionality?

I wouldn't mind a change that stops recommending deborphan.

> And does popcon-largest-unused still work?  It thinks I don't use my
> web browser or window manager.  Is it trying to find unused packages
> by looking at the file access datestamps on a /usr file system that's
> mounted noatime?  Yup, and even relatime (now the default) will cause
> trouble - see #298760.

I think it should work with relatime, since that just ratelimits atime
updates to once per day (unless mtime or ctime < atime).  The "mount"
manpage is seriously misleading.  (Reference:

> Except that once I've collected under one bulletpoint all the ways of
> finding removal candidates on the basis of redundant ex-dependencies,
> it becomes obvious that popcon-largest-unused doesn't fit there; it
> fits with all the other suggestions for finding removal candidates on
> the basis of size, which are currently split between several
> bulletpoints.  So I've consolidated all of those, too.

Looks good.  Thanks much.


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