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Bug#683838: release-notes: transition: pdksh → mksh

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I used your proposed text to write a patch. I hope I put it in the right section of
the RN (issues).

--- svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/en/issues.dbk	2013-04-01 18:45:14.000000000 +0200
+++ issues-mksh-bj.dbk	2013-04-01 19:12:05.000000000 +0200
@@ -186,4 +186,44 @@
+<section id="mksh">
+  <title>Pdksh to mksh transition</title>
+  <para>
+    The Public Domain Korn Shell (<systemitem role="package">pdksh</systemitem>) 
+    package is being retired for the release after &releasename;, since 
+    <command>pdksh</command> is no longer maintained and has last seen active 
+    development in 1999.
+  </para>
+  <para>
+    The MirBSD Korn Shell (<systemitem role="package">mksh</systemitem>) 
+    package contains its successor. In &debian; &releasename;, 
+    <systemitem role="package">pdksh</systemitem> is a transitional package 
+    using a variant of <systemitem role="package">mksh</systemitem> built with 
+    special compatibility options to provide a <command>pdksh</command> binary 
+    symlink, to give everyone time to check and, if necessary, adopt any 
+    scripts to run with <command>mksh</command> instead; the compatibility 
+    binary behaves a bit more like <command>pdksh</command> in some areas 
+    where mksh or the POSIX standard on the shell have evolved but still 
+    contains bugfixes that may break your scripts if they make use of the bugs 
+    fixed.
+    However, the compatibility binary is not suitable for interactive
+    use, so as system administrator, please change the login and/or
+    interactive shells of users that use <command>pdksh</command> to 
+    <command>mksh</command> and suggest to copy 
+    <filename>/etc/skel/.mkshrc</filename> into their home directories, 
+    otherwise they will find themselves unable to do things like tab completion.
+    You can do that before the upgrade already, for minimum service
+    interruption, by manually installing the 
+    <systemitem role="package">mksh</systemitem> package then switching 
+    everyone over to it, or defer this to after the upgrade, at which point 
+    <command>/bin/pdksh</command> will no longer be listed in 
+    <filename>/etc/shells</filename> though.
+  </para>

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