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Bug#529629: Add a note about ext3 option "data" change from "ordered" to "writeback"

Hi David,

Il giorno sab, 30/03/2013 alle 12.27 -0400, David Prévot ha scritto:
> > > Starting with 2.6.30 kernels, ext3 default mount option is now
> > > data=writeback instead of "data=ordered". If you have "data=ordered"
> > > in /etc/fstab then you will not be able to mount read/write your file
> > > system after upgrading kernel from 2.6.29.
> > 
> > Thanks for reporting this.
> > 
> > > From what I understand, this will have to be mentioned in the
> > > Squeeze release notes.
> Is this issue still relevant for Wheezy? I suspect it isn’t and advise
> the RN wizard to close it (I may do so myself next time I come across
> this bug report unless more information is provided).

Could you please better explain what kind of more information do you
request? The bug report is still valid since squeeze release notes were
never updated in order to mention it and its workaround. It might not be
releant for wheezy since the default squeeze kernel is >2.6.30, but this
does not means that this bug should be closed: it must stay opened at
least as a reference for people upgrading from squeeze.


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