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Bug#684917: document improved multimedia capabilities starting w/ Wheezy

Am Sonntag, den 31.03.2013, 15:21 +0200 schrieb Baptiste:
> Attached is a patch for this issue. I just copy/paste from [1]. 
> I didn't take the 2nd item because it looks too technical and redundant 
> in my point of view. But you can add something like the content of
> the attached file "whats-new-extra.txt"

Please, leave the second paragraph as it is. I have left the following
comment on the Wiki page for a rationale, I think it speaks for itself:

{{{#!wiki comment
FabianGreffrath: I know the paragraph about added codecs is very
detailed and technical, but all these codecs are explicitely mentioned
on purpose. They are kind of buzz words and Debian was long time
infamous for '''not''' supporting them, so this should get explicit
press coverage. I am not a native speaker so the actual wording is, of
course, subject to change.}}}

 - Fabian

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