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Bug#611468: release-notes: updating to squeeze requires manual configuration for kerberized nfs

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On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 06:41:04PM +0100, David Härdeman wrote:

> As noted in bug #568771 and /usr/share/doc/libkrb5-3/NEWS.Debian.gz,
> weak cryptos are disabled by default but necessary for kerberized NFS.

> I think the issue is important enough to warrant a note in the release
> docs since mounting a kerberized NFS share will fail with unhelpful
> error messages until the above fix has been done on all machines.

Is this issue still relevant for Wheezy? I suspect it isn’t and advise
the RN wizard to close it (I may do so myself next time I come across
this bug report unless more information is provided).



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