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Bug#533266: release-notes: Look for newly important/required packages


On 03/30/2013 11:30:45 AM, David Prévot wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 12:13:09AM -0500, Karl O. Pinc wrote:
> > Package: release-notes
> > Version: lenny
> > Severity: normal
> > 
> > I think that after upgrade it could be useful to
> > look for packages that should be installed.
> > 
> > aptitude search '(~prequired|~pimportant)!~i'
> Is this issue still relevant for Wheezy? I suspect it isn’t and 
> advise
> the RN wizard to close it (I may do so myself next time I come across
> this bug report unless more information is provided).

I can't say if it's relevant for wheezy, but it may well
be relevant for future releases.  It may be useful to
leave some breadcrumbs as a sgml comment (or whatever)
or somehow otherwise include this in the template
release notes for future releases.

Karl <kop@meme.com>
Free Software:  "You don't pay back, you pay forward."
                 -- Robert A. Heinlein

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