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Bug#702039: Office suites changes

Package: release-notes

It was brought up recently to our attention that the main office suites
changed, not only OpenOffice.org is replaced by LibreOffice, but KOffice
is also replaced by Calligra, and I couldn't find a gnome-office
metapackage anymore (but the “GNOME office applications” are still around.

Maybe that would deserve a “whats-new” entry.

Le 01/03/2013 21:37, David Prévot a écrit :
> Le 01/03/2013 19:42, Zack M-D a écrit :
>> On the /intro/why_debian page, the hyperlink KOffice links to a website
>> http://www.koffice.org/, that tells you "I like white empty spaces".
> Well, the project was shut down permanently in September 2012 according
> to Wikipedia[1], and the package was removed from Debian in May 2012[2],
> but that really was its homepage.
>> The new adress should be http://www.kde.org/applications/office/.
> Not really. This part should probably be changed once Wheezy is out to
> point to LibreOffice, Calligra and “GNOME office applications” (instead
> of a formal “GNOME Office”, since there will be no more gnome-office
> metapackage). I'm editing the page so the content will change at release
> time.
> 	1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KOffice
> 	2: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=673464
> Regards
> David

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