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Bug#701922: cloning 694942, reassign -1 to release-notes

tags 701922 + patch

See attached for a proposed wording.

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Index: en/upgrading.dbk
--- en/upgrading.dbk	(revision 9601)
+++ en/upgrading.dbk	(working copy)
@@ -1281,7 +1281,22 @@ killed or aborting the upgrade in order to resolve
+<section id="issues-dspam">
+The version of <systemitem role="package">PostgreSQL</systemitem> shipped in
+&releasename; switched its default mode for string escaping from legacy to
+standard-compliant. However, the version of <systemitem
+role="package">dspam</systemitem> in &releasename; does not support yet
+standard-compliant mode which means some messages cannot be used for
+retraining. One possible approach is to manually switch the default back to
+legacy mode by setting standard_conforming_strings to off in
+Note that this might not be possible depending on the requirements of other
+programs using PostgreSQL.
 <!-- End of 'trouble' section -->

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