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Re: non-existing lvds output is offered

tags 656786 - wontfix
tags 656786 - upstream
affects 656786 + release-notes


Ben Hutchings wrote:
> On Thu, 2013-02-07 at 20:16 +0100, eeemsi wrote:

>> there are currently two different behaviours:
>> - the resolution is limited to 1024x768 (linux-image-3.2.0-4-amd64/testing)
>> - no output via vga (linux-image-3.7-trunk-amd64/experimental)
> OK, that's quite serious.  Please report this upstream at 
> <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/> under product 'DRI', component
> 'DRM/Intel'.  Include the same information as in
> <http://bugs.debian.org/656786#15>.  Also please say that the same board
> may be populated with an LVDS connector - I don't want this to result in
> a fix that disables LVDS even when it's really present!

Upstream's reply was basically "There's no way to tell programatically
whether LVDS is present, so there's nothing we can do".

Would it be possible in d-i to ask the user for that information when
it detects this mainboard?  I know it is late for adding new strings,
but it would nice for this be fixed at least for wheezy+1.

In the meantime we should presumably point new users to LVDS-1:d in
the release notes.


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