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Bug#690127: [Pkg-utopia-maintainers] Bug#690127: release-notes: Issues: switch dm to get an active consolekit session


I probably won't get around to it sending you a detailed answer this
week. Hopefully next week. Please poke me again if you haven't heard
from me until then.
If my memory serves me well, the workaround/solution for using startx
from the console involves adding pam_loginuid/pam_ck_connector to your
PAM stack.
As for display manager like xdm or wdm, they are not really supported in
the sense that they don't have native ConsoleKit support. So the easiest
way there is indeed to either use gdm3, kdm or lightdm.
I'd need to check if pam_ck_connector without nox11 can be forced into
getting a working CK session with those types of display managers.
But that needs some more time to investigate which I don't have atm.


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