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Bug#690127: Bug #690127: release-notes: Issues: switch dm to get an active consolekit session

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Tobias: thanks for reporting this issue, it's important indeed.  I am trying to
write a patch explaining the issue.

Is this correct:


Users of display managers other than kdm, gdm and lightdm (e.g. the xdm and
slim display managers) as well as users who start their X session by manually
calling startx from a virtual console will likely be hit by problems with
system services like automounting devices and autoconfiguring network

Due to changes in consolekit, display managers need to update their consolekit
interaction.  The displaymanagers kdm, gdm and lightdm in wheezy have been
updated.  Others (xdm, slim, a.o.) have not yet been updated.  If you're using
a not-yet updated display manager, either switch to an updated one before
starting to upgrade your system, or appy a workaround as documented in
bugreports <ulink url="http://bugs.debian.org/598150";>#598150</ulink> and
<ulink url=" http://bugs.debian.org/615020";>615020</ulink>.





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