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Bug#603915: release-notes: Please document that use of non-UTF8 locales is strongly discouraged

How about adding this to old-stuff.dbk :


<footnote><para>In the GNOME screensaver using passwords with non-ASCII
characters, pam_ldap support, or even the ability to unlock the screen is
unreliable when not using UTF8.  The GNOME screenreader is affected by bug
<ulink url="http://bugs.debian.org/599197";>#599197</ulink>.  The Nautilus file
manager (and all glib-based programs, and likely all Qt-based programs too)
assume that filenames are in UTF-8, while the shell assumes they are in the
current locale’s encoding. In daily use, non-ASCII filenames are just unusable
in such setups.</para></footnote>


?  Would that be sufficient to close the bug?



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