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Bug#619177: release-notes: Please mention that as of squeeze/6.0.1 XF86Config is not used anymore

tags 619177 +patch


How about this?


Index: old-stuff.dbk
--- old-stuff.dbk       (revision 9543)
+++ old-stuff.dbk       (working copy)
@@ -73,6 +73,19 @@
+<section id="old-config">
+<title>Removing obsolete configuration files</title>
+Before upgrading your system to &releasename;, it is recommended to remove old
+configuration files (such as <filename>*.dpkg-{new,old}</filename> files under
+<filename>/etc</filename>, as well as the file
+<filename>/etc/X11/XF86Config-4</filename><footnote><para>Since release
+2:1.7.7-12, xorg-server no longer reads the file XF86Config-4.  See also <ulink
+url="http://bugs.debian.org/619177";>#619177</ulink>.</footnote></para>) from
+the system.
 <section id="switch-utf8">
 <title>Upgrade legacy locales to UTF-8</title>




Now I know someone out there is going to claim, "Well then, UNIX is
intuitive, because you only need to learn 5000 commands, and then
everything else follows from that! Har har har!"
       (Andy Bates in comp.os.linux.misc, on "intuitive interfaces".)

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