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Bug#668668: Acknowledgement (Add upgrade pointers for Request Tracker)

tags 668668 +patch

Text - I expect this to be mangled into the house style :)

Request Tracker versions

If you have request-tracker3.8 installed on your squeeze system, note
that this package has been removed from wheezy, to be replaced by
request-tracker4. Some manual steps are required to upgrade between
request-tracker3.8 and request-tracker4: please install request-tracker4
alongside your existing request-tracker3.8 installation and consult
the installation/upgrade notes in
/usr/share/doc/request-tracker4/README.Debian.gz (section: "Upgrading from
request-tracker3.8 to request-tracker4").

The same advice applies if you stil have request-tracker3.6 or older
packages from previous Debian releases still in use; if this is the case
it is recommended to upgrade step by step, following the appropriate
upgrade documents.

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