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Re: Spanish pdf files

I will try to review the issues and see what's wrong with the build.

However, if build in unstable is working fine, wouldn't it be best to have a way to build documents in a chroots and make www-master use those (some kind of override of the general stable builds).



El 13/04/2012 18:42, "David Prévot" <taffit@debian.org> escribió:


Le 13/04/2012 10:50, Ricardo a écrit :

> In the web http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/releasenotes, all in
> Spanish pdf files are bro...

Thanks for mentioning it. Actually the following languages had been
disabled this summer because the build failed on Squeeze:

       cs es pt_BR pt ru sk

We needed more investigation before reactivating them but obviously
forgot about it. If someone has an idea how to fix those build on
Squeeze (they build fine on current Sid), your help is welcome!



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