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Re: Problems building debian-faq to zh_CN

On 06/03/2012, David Prévot <taffit@debian.org> wrote:
> Sorry, that was just me being silly: my pbuilder error was just a “No
> space left on device.” one. Are you sure to build it in a clean Sid
> environment?

Well, it's a sid environment but not neccesarily clean. I have not try
with pbuilder, will retry.

>>> If I'm not able to solve the issue I will
>>> have to build & upload without that translation.
>> Would you mind if I send a ~10 days translation call before the upload?
>> Only French seems currently handled with po4a, but I'll ask other
>> translators to consider switching (even if that won't probably within
>> ten days, they may be able to update their translations in the meantime).

i'm OK with the translation call before the upload. Could you do it?
On behalf of the Spanish translation team I guess we should switch to

> The offer still stands. I don't mind team uploading it on your behalf
> either if you don't manage to sort your build issues.

If you can build it in your system, please, go ahead and do an upload.
I will try to sort out the issues in my end.



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