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Re: Document log event debian

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 4:46 PM,  <luiz.ferretto@caixa.gov.br> wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> I have looked for documents that explain which archives of log existém in
> the /var/log/ directory and mainly they explain the events contained in
> logs, mainly giving to approach the critical events, with sight to allow to
> an auditorship/checagem of the system
> I am very been thankful if they will be able to indicate or to inform where
> to locate information on log of debian, that is, that they explain its
> captured structure and functionalities.
> Yours truly


man 7 hier, really does not say too much about such path. Most of that
files are managed by rsyslogd and logrotate.

You can start by this documents:

    man 8 rsyslog
    man 5 rsyslog.conf
    man 8 logrotate

Then you can inspect /etc/rsyslog.conf, /etc/rsyslog.d,
/etc/logrotate.conf and /etc/logrotate.d to see the directives and
even more comments in the configuration files.

If new packages are installed, they may add new log files, and new
configurations under the /*.d/ places.

Also, in Debian, you may find more directives or customizations in
/etc/default/* but it's not a common case. At least in the base
install there should be just options to enable/disable bootlogd and
options for rsyslogd, but not about "files".

Maybe, packages that you install over the base system, can include
more log-related information in man pages, or in


> Luiz


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