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Re: Bug#647062: debian-refcard: Debian Reference Card URL down

We should move this talk do the debian-doc mailing list,
as it is not related to #647062 anymore, right?

Quoting "David Prévot" <taffit@debian.org>:
I just grabbed the old content from http://web.archive.org and agree
that it would be a nice addition (even better if it could be translated,
as the rest of the website is). Did you use some script to prepare this
page? If not already done, it would be nice if you could share this in
the refcard DDP Subversion repository, so someone interested could work
on adapting it for the website.

The page content is part of the DocBook soure and can be
created by "make index.html", IIRC.

The reason I excluded this from translation is, that at
that time it was easy to get translators for the refcard,
because it's very short, but (maybe) not for the complete
stuff. I would suggest to shorten the text anyway to only
the explanation how to print and fold the card and drop
the revision history and "thanks" sections.

P.-S.: the refcard is currently packaged as a non-native package, I
guess we could simply package it as a native one now?

Yes, please.

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