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Omission in the History page

Hi Folks

The following document is missing some facts:


"Debian 0.93R6 (November 1995): dselect appears. This was the last Debian release using the a.out binary format; there were about 60 developers. The first master.debian.org server was built by Bdale Garbee and hosted by HP in parallel with the 0.93R6 release. The deployment of an explicit master server on which Debian developers would construct each release led directly to the formation of the Debian mirror network, and indirectly to the development of many of the policies and procedures used to manage the project today."

Between End of 1995 and the end of 1996 or early 1997 the Debian master server was hosted at i-Connect.Net on our own hardware (located in Beaverton, Oregon). i-Connet.Net also provided various additional services for Debian during that time.

For example, essentially what is now the whole New Maintainer Process was run by Shimon Shapiro and me (the founders of i-Connect.Net).

We pitched in when none of the Universities or large companies could or wanted to invest the resources necessary to keep the project running.

During this period the mirror network was build up and was feed from master.

Only then the centralized services running on master were beeing distributed and moved away to be hosted at various other places.

Kind regards
  Michael Neuffer

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