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Re: ddp build failed

On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 04:52:29AM +0000, Debian Webmaster wrote:
> /srv/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/make.log-make[1]: Entering directory `/srv/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/trunk/debian-faq'
> /srv/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/make.log-po4a --keep 0 --previous --rm-backups po4a/po4a.cfg # --localized-charset UTF-8
> /srv/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/make.log-po4a/po4a.cfg:1: Unparsable command 'po_directory'.
> /srv/www.debian.org/ddp-svn/make.log:make[1]: *** [po4a-translate] Error 9

Sorry for the noise.

I commited a change for debian-faq *package*, for which we could use the
package and not build from SVN on www-master (with outdated po4a for the moment).

Simon Paillard

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