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LaTeX to PO, and DDP hosting for the Packaging Tutorial

Le 07/05/2011 21:16, Osamu Aoki a écrit :

> Since this is in LateX and po4a can support LaTeX source, once we move
> this to DDP, it may be trivial to add French version :-)
>  (man 3 Locale::Po4a::LaTeX)

Jean-Philippe just proposed to translate it into French, and I gave a
first shot to Locale::Po4a::LaTeX, result of the following command attached:

	po4a-gettextize -o definitions=perso -f latex \
	-m packaging-tutorial.tex -p packaging-tutorial.pot

Where perso contains:

	% po4a: command author []{}
	% po4a: command -date {_}
	% po4a: command frame {}
	% po4a: environment axis []
	% po4a: environment frame []{_}
	% po4a: verbatim environment lstlisting
	% po4a: environment tikzpicture []

I'd welcome some comment and help to provide a more friendly POT file:
- kick away the “ \\hbr” and “ \\br” stuff;
- kick away the \mode<presentation>, \usetheme{debian} and alike;
- offer directly the content of pdftitle (instead of pdftitle={Debian
Packaging Tutorial},bookmarks…

Modifying the packaging-tutorial.tex source (to make it po4a-friendly)
is an option if needed.

I've added the po4a devel list in order to gather more idea, source is
available at:


BTW, if we are to provide a way to easily translate this Tutorial, maybe
could we host it inside the DDP (provided that Lucas agrees to move the
development to the Subversion repository).

> Does language auto-selection scheme works for PDF too?
>  foo.en.pdf
>  foo.fr.pdf

Yes but the other way around:


Of course, foo.pdf must not exists, so the foo.pdf URL offers the
accurate CN-friendly content.



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