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Re: How to update developers-reference (Re: [SRM] upload of debian-reference/2.46 to stable)


I see my confusion but I still need to clarify one thing.

On Tue, Mar 01, 2011 at 02:28:23PM -0000, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> "proposed-updates" is not "stable-updates".

> This is correct, as is the DDPO link. "stable-proposed-updates" and
> "proposed-updates" are the same thing and always have been ttbomk.

I see.
> > This is confusing.
> Possibly, although the above suggests that you may be helping to confuse
> yourself. :-)

> > Question is what path package goes through and delay for each step.  Are
> > stable-updates and stable-proposed-updates the same thing with different
> > alias?
> No and sort of. :)
> The dak configuration needs updating slightly to make it work fully, but
> the idea is that an upload with any of "stable", "proposed-updates",
> "stable-proposed-updates", "squeeze", "squeeze-updates" and
> "stable-updates" in the .changes will end up in the p-u-new queue; the
> first four already do so, the latter two need adding on the dak side.

Now I am 100% clear on this.
> >From there, they will *all* go in to stable-proposed-updates, assuming
> they're accepted.  The SRMs will then be able to, at our discretion, copy
> some, all or none of them to stable-updates.  

Here is my new question.

How does SRM know some packages need to be moved to "stable-updates"?

Is it solely by changelog entry being "stable-updates" and not being
"stable" nor "stable-proposed-updates" etc.?  I am sure you have
preferred method to communicate and track this extra activity.

Do we file some BTS to release.debian.org package with some special tag?

> There will not be packages in stable-updates which are not also in
> either s-p-u or stable if there's been a point release since they were
> uploaded.

I see.  So "stable-proposed-updates" may contain packages which has not
been proofed by SRM (with some DAK help) until SRM moves them to
"stable" at point release.  While ""stable-updates" has gone through one
more step and safer to track between point release.

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