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Re: Bug on startup

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 13:56:19 +0100, laudens@libero.it wrote:

> Hellò. I report here a little bug I find everytime I boot Squeeze. After showed the classical first panel (the one with alla kernels) it loads, but when changing video frequency from 16 to 32 bits it shows all files loaded with very little characters and impossible to read. On the old version I was able to fix it, but on this new release, I found many things changed and before to do some damage, I prefere ask to you HOW TO DO...
> I use Squeeze 32 bits on a cpu AMD @ 1800 mhz (Mid Tower pc)
> Other question: why Squeeze doesn't sees anymore the floppy device? Usually I was keeping the icon on the down toolbar, but here doesn't appears... something to change? In Editor Configuration it sais "this key has not scheme" (/apps/drivemount-applet/prefs/mount_point); the device point to /media/floppy
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