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Bug#612349: release-notes: the upgrades section does not mention firmware woes

Quoting Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (hmh@debian.org):

> The release nodes neglect to recommend that the user should make sure
> the firmware packages are installed.  In fact, unless we add a list of
> the hardware that requires non-free firmware, the release notes would
> actually have to recommend that the user install BOTH firmware packages
> unless he is sure he will not need them.

Well, the kernel packages *do* warn when missing firmware is
detected. Still, it doesn't do that very proeminently: I trapped
myself in locking two servers during a remote upgrade on the release
day, just because I didn't notice that..:-)

So, it could be good to add something in the section that talks about
kernel upgrade but I am not convinced we should recommend always
installing the non-free package. It wouldn't solve all issues anyway
(I had the need for firmware-bnx2 for instance) and that defeats the
announced move to a completely free kernel.

How about adding something that isists on maying attention to messages
that are outputted during kernel upgrades about possible missing
firmware, mention that most of these are provided in the
firmware-linux-nonfree package and that other non-free packages exist
in the archive (a list could help) for more specific hardware?

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