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Bug#513625: apt-get dist-upgrade or aptitude


Whilst the first use of

apt-get upgrade

seems to work OK, the warning about not using aptitude for the dist-upgrade stage seems to be inappropriate. The upgrade stage upgrades aptitude to the squeeze version so it would seem that it can be safely used from this point on.

I have upgraded 4 different machines from Lenny to Squeeze. At first I followed the instructions in the release notes to use apt-get dist-upgrade rather than aptitude. I found the this threw up a whole lot of packages not installed through dependency issues, which I then had to sort out using aptitude.

Subsequently, having upgraded the kernel and udev as per the release notes up to 4.5.5 I have used aptitude in full screen console mode, updating the package list (u), marking the packages as upgradable (U) and installing the packages (g and g). This has worked without any significant problems.

Does the note about not using aptitude only apply to using it through the command line? Is there any reason not to upgrade in the way that I have done?


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