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Bug#609868: update suggestions for: What's new in the distribution?


Am 13.01.2011 15:13, schrieb Javier Fernandez-Sanguino:

> Maybe we can review the list based on popularity contest. I'm not
> aware of any place where we have aggregated information that lists all
> packages sorted by popularity, both the version in stable, and the one
> in testing for review. (like packages.qa.debian.org but instead of
> individually per maintainer for the full distribution). Is there any?

I think one could construct these data based upon the popcon submissions
themselves, but I fear, there are not aggregate in UDD or any other easy
usable form.

With UDD one should be able to create a popcon sorted list of packages
with their version in lenny and squeeze.

> Chromium is less popular than even dia.

Wow, wouldn't have thought that.

Best regards,

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