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r8099 - /man-cgi/conf/htaccess

Author: jfs
Date: Tue Jan 11 22:13:37 2011
New Revision: 8099

URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/?sc=1&rev=8099
Sample htaccess file using mod_redirect to redirect queries to the CGI engine


Added: man-cgi/conf/htaccess
URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/man-cgi/conf/htaccess?rev=8099&op=file
--- man-cgi/conf/htaccess (added)
+++ man-cgi/conf/htaccess Tue Jan 11 22:13:37 2011
@@ -1,0 +1,18 @@
+Options ExecCGI Indexes FollowSymLinks
+IndexOptions -FancyIndexing
+AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
+# redirections for HTML documentation
+RedirectMatch 301 ^/man/([0-9ln]p?m?)/(.*$) /cgi-bin/man.cgi?query=$2\&sektion=$1\&apropos=0\&manpath=Debian+Sid\&locale=en
+RedirectMatch 301 ^/man/(.*$) /cgi-bin/man.cgi?query=$1\&apropos=1\&manpath=Debian+Sid\&format=html\&locale=en
+RedirectMatch 301 ^/index.html /cgi-bin/man.cgi
+# file types
+AddType 'text/html; charset=utf-8' htm
+AddType 'text/html' html
+AddType 'application/octet-stream' bz2 dsc fs rd ISO iso gz cgz ngz tgz Z
+AddType 'text/plain; charset=cp437' asc
+AddType 'text/plain; charset=utf-8' txt
+AddType 'application/x-x509-ca-cert' cer
+AddType 'application/rss+xml; charset=utf-8' rss

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