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Status of Release Notes translations

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The Release Notes for squeeze are close to be complete.

It means that translation now need to be updated...and we might have a
quite short timeframe for this.

Some l10n teams (or individuals) have kept their work up-to-date. Some
others are on their way....and many others are left with translations
from Lenny release notes.

Here is a tentative translation status, from what I see in SVN:

PO-based translations:
    Total number of strings: 825
 Belarusian:  65%
 German    : 100%
 Spanish   :  67%
 Finnish   :  24%
 French    :  83%
 Italian   :  67%
 Japanese  : 100%
 Lituanian :  64%
 Malayalam :  67%
 Norwegian :  67%
 Portuguese:  67%
 Romanian  :  67%
 Russian   :  63%
 Slovak    :  67%
 Swedish   :  85%
 Vietnamese:  67%
 Chinese s :  67%
 Chinese t :  54%

(67% is the status for translations that were 100% for Lenny)

Docbook-based translations:
 Catalan   : outdated (r6668)
 Czech     : complete (r8036)
 Brazilian : outdated (r6458)

It is now really time to hurry up completing your work.

The source for release notes translations is the ddp SVN repository:




Please note that the work on release notes is mostly done in the
debian-doc mailing list. This is the place where you should ask for
commit access if you want to help completing the work in your language
(of course, please first coordinate with the relevant l10n team).


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