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Bug#609330: release-notes: update-grub seems not to be called by the kernel upon upgrade

tag 609330 - squeeze
reassign 609330 linux-2.6
unarchive 593683
found 593683 2.6.32-29
forcemerge 593683 609330

On Sat, Jan  8, 2011 at 17:37:30 +0100, Philipp Kern wrote:

> Package: release-notes
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> I just tried to upgrade a system following the release notes to the
> letter.  This means doing first "apt-get upgrade", then installing a new
> kernel and udev, reboot, then doing a full "dist-upgrade".
> After reboot only the *old* kernel was present in the grub menu, not the
> new one.  grub2 (to replace the installed grub1) was only installed
> *after* the reboot during the dist-upgrade.  (So I did upgrade, install
> linux and udev, reboot, update-grub, reboot, dist-upgrade instead.)
> After the installation of grub2 I properly get a hook in
> /etc/kernel/postinst.d to call update-grub.  Is it possible that you
> should either update grub2 more early in the process or run update-grub
> manually after the kernel installation and before the reboot?
> It's not entirely clear to me how it's supposed to happen or if it's
> just user error in the configuration files of the Lenny installation
> that was upgraded.
waldi says the kernel should break pre-policy versions of bootloader
packages, and apparently grub was missed.


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