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Bug#520605: release-notes: Notes should specify how to identify non-Debian packages in section 4.2.5.

On Du, 02 ian 11, 21:29:18, Julien Cristau wrote:
> > 
> I use apt-show-versions for this.  I guess aptitude has some way of
> getting at that list, but I wouldn't know how.  Tagging as help, hoping
> somebody will figure out what we should do about this.

Based on tips from past debian-user threads:

aptitude search '?narrow(?installed, !?origin(Debian))!obsolete'

or the short version:

aptitude search ~S~i\!~ODebian\!~o

The best part it it can be turned into a remove/purge command if the 
result is satisfactory:

aptitude purge '?narrow(?installed, !?origin(Debian))!obsolete'


aptitude purge ~S~i\!~ODebian\!~o

Note: the ?obsolete (~o) pattern is meant to exclude packages which are 
not available from any archive, although they should probably also be 
removed/purged before the upgrade.

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