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Bug#602397: release-notes: Issues on udev when upgrading from Lenny using stock kernel

Package: release-notes
Severity: important


I'd like to add a note to the "Release Notes" for Squeeze about a very
particular issue a very small set of people could come across the same
situation I did. I verify it several times on both amd64 and i386, just
in case.

I'm providing a sample text we may attach to the current notes, please
don't hesitate on insulting me for my grammar/scrub stuff :-)


Notes on upgrading Linux kernel from Lenny and udev:

When performing a Linux system upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze, bare in
mind the version of udev you will be installing will stop working with
the old Kernel Lenny suggested using.
udev is a dynamic device manager for the Linux Kernel, and it handles
device discovery service that, between others, is on charge of loading
kernel modules responsible for your hardware to work.
The software itself will appear to be working, but things like
network-based rules will not be loaded properly.





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