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Re: releasenotes

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 07:42:17 +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:

> Last week's Release Team meeting minutes:
> # The release notes for Squeeze are progressing well and a call for
> # translations will be made soon.
> "http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/10/msg00002.html";
That might have been a bit optimistic.  Anyway...

> >> I hope they are remembering that before the call for translations
> >> there needs to be a quick debian-l10n-english proofreading
> >> run-through, and before *that* we need to come up with some factually
> >> accurate content.
> >
> > An option to avoid last minute full proofreading/translation, as we
> > experienced by the past for Lenny, might be to proofreading patches
> > posted against release-notes.
> True; I'm hoping to have some spare time for this sort of thing in
> the coming week or so.
That would be great, thanks.

> >> When I look at the version on display at
> >> http://www.debian.org/releases/squeeze/i386/release-notes/ I see
> >> something so jam-packed with stale material that I wouldn't know
> >> where to start reporting bugs, other than perhaps to recommend
> >> throwing out chapter 2, chapter 3, much of chapter 4, chapter 5, and
> >> of course appendix C.
> > 
> > Julien Cristau from the release team is spotting issues and proposing updates.
> > If you notice other issues, please don't hesitate to outline them.
> More details below in case I don't get round to proper bugreports.
> Here's a quick summary of the current state of the Release Notes:
>  Release Notes for Debian GNU/Linux (Squeeze)
>  --------------------------------------------
>  Is this title still appropriate, now that Debian is more than a
>  Linux distro?
>  CHAPTER 1 (about.dbk)
>  ---------------------
>  This part is largely impervious to obsolescence, though it does
>  have a line tagged "TODO".
>  CHAPTER 2 (whats-new.dbk)
>  -------------------------
>  The tables of supported architectures and package version numbers
>  may be automatically updatable, but the rest is stale.  Even the
>  stuff about proposed-updates seems to be on the brink.
Architecture list and package versions should be updated now, and most
of the stale bits removed.  Now we just need to add content...

>  CHAPTER 3 (installing.dbk)
>  --------------------------
>  The "What's new in the installation system?" section is entirely
>  stale.  Loading firmware during installation and so on are all now
>  *old* features.  The entry on "new languages" can be edited into
>  something accurate, and the compatibility warning for automated
>  installs probably still holds true, but all the rest needs to be
>  ripped out and replaced with information about, for instance, the
>  new X-based graphical installer.
I've asked Christian for help with this part.

>  CHAPTER 4 (upgrading.dbk)
>  -------------------------
>  Much of this is still basically true, it just needs the cobwebs
>  wiped off - references to Linux 2.6.18 and backports.org, the stale
>  package list in the "minimal system upgrade" section, and so on.
>  There are even signs of parts having already been updated for
>  Squeeze.
>  CHAPTER 5 (issues.dbk)
>  ----------------------
>  This begins with a TODO tag that claims it needs to be fixed for
>  Lenny, so it's no surprise to find that it's full of stale items.
>  Apart from the recurrent item on udev and the new item about
>  linux-base, everything else needs to be ripped out.
Should be mostly done now.  The bits about apache2 and
nis/NetworkManager are probably stale still.  I asked the KDE people to
provide some content about the move to KDE4, and bug #599813 has some
GNOME content that needs to be integrated.

>  CHAPTER 6 (moreinfo.dbk)
>  ------------------------
>  A hardy perennial.
>  ----------
>  A) another perennial, though it seems to use the wrong relative
> 	release	names.
>  B) the only part of this document that shows any sign of trying to
> 	implement a sensible best-before-date system.  Of course, it
> 	still needs to be updated.
>  C) needs to go.
> So what do we replace it with?  Well, it's not much, but here are
> some of the rough notes I've accumulated over the past year or so in
> my "squeezewatch" file:
>  -------
>  current status of backports, volatile...
>  release arch changes (arm*, kfreebsd-*)
>  section changes (e.g. kernel, video)
>  LINUX 2.6.3x
>  ------------
>  defaults for ext3 changing to data=writeback, relatime
>  even IDE (PATA) drives now register as /dev/sdX (use labels!)
>  ipv6: current status?
>  KernelModeSetting support (dependent on hardware)
>  pre-upgrade to a bpo kernel to appease udev
>  ---------
>  console-setup reorganised (also used by X)
>  dash is now default and Essential
>  grub2 now = grub (and grub-pc), old grub = grub-legacy
>  insserv defaulting to CONCURRENCY=makefile
>  libpam-* debconf automation
>  kernel-package getting more marginal
>  new infrastructure: udisks, policykit-1, and consolekit
>  xorg autoconfiguration (for most hardware)
Thanks a lot for this list.


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