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Bug#599813: release-notes: GNOME additions for the release notes

Package: release-notes
Severity: normal


the following needs to be added to the release notes concerning GNOME.

1) You need to restart your session after the upgrades, otherwise 
applications will start crashing. See #550313.

2) Systems upgraded from lenny will keep GDM 2.20 installed. This 
version will still be maintained for the squeeze cycle but it is the 
last release to do so. Systems newly installed will get GDM 2.30 
instead. You can upgrade it by installing the "gdm3" package - only do 
so with only one GNOME session open, or from the console. Settings will 
not be migrated, but for a usual desktop system this action is enough.

3) (Not GNOME-specific, but still.) Specific permissions on devices are 
granted automatically to the user currently logged on physically to the 
system: video and audio devices, network roaming, power management, 
device mounting. The cdrom, floppy, audio, video, plugdev and powerdev 
groups are no longer useful. See the ConsoleKit documentation for more 

4) Most graphical programs requiring root permissions now rely on 
PolicyKit to do so, instead of gksu. The recommended way to give a user 
administrative rights is to add it to the "sudo" group.

5) (Pending fix of #530024.) If there is only one network interface 
configured using DHCP, which is the usual case for desktop systems, it 
will be handled by NetworkManager instead of ifupdown. Therefore the 
usual ifup and ifdown commands will not work. Instead, the interface can 
be managed using the NetworkManager frontends. See the NM documentation 
for more information.

[ 6) Something has to be said about the Evolution upgrade. However it is 
still being worked on to be a bit smoother, so it will wait. ]

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