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release notes recommendations about lilo?


I'm reviewing the current Debian release notes to try to help get them in
shape for squeeze, and I came across this statement in the section on

  The lilo package will offer to do this for you as part of the upgrade, but
  if you decline or don't see the prompt, you should run lilo by hand: 

  # /sbin/lilo

  Notice this is needed even if you did not upgrade your system's kernel, as
  lilo's second stage will change due to the package upgrade.

However, I can't see any reason why this last statement would be true; the
lilo package doesn't contain any files that are shipped in /boot, and the
only files copied to /boot as part of the postinst are bmp files.  So as far
as I can see, the only time the second-stage bootloader is updated on disk
is when you run /sbin/lilo.

Should this last sentence be dropped, or have I overlooked something?

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