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Re: Bug#590162: maint-guide: encourage work on already packaged programs


On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 01:04:35AM +0200, Serafeim Zanikolas wrote:

Thanks.  I basically take the contents of your proposal as is.
Very good.

> I took the liberty to mention an alternative, debtags-aware view of WNPP bugs
> (disclaimer: I run that site). I find it very relevant to the subject, but
> you're welcome to drop the reference.

I will include this content.  Since these URL lists may change in
future, I will make this part into a structured bulletted list. So
addition and removal of these will have minimal impact to the

> +[1]  Having said that, there will of course always be new programs that are
> +     worthwhile packaging.

As you know, this diff is on text file.  I will need to make this into
proper SGML source.  So give me some time.  I am busy updating few other
gliches too.


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