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Bug#581729: [SQUEEZE] Document the umask change for new installs

Hi Andrei,

On Samstag, 15. Mai 2010, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> Suggested text:

Thanks for that!

I have one small addition...:

> This change can however create security and/or privacy issues if the
> system administrator is not aware of it and adds users to the private
> group of another user. Also, in order to prevent security issues, some
> software will detect this and refuse to operate when there are other
> members in the user's private group and relevant files have permissions
> as created with a umask of 0002.

This paragraph should be accompanied by something like:

Instead of adding users to other users private groups (which has issues as 
explained above) it is recommend to create dedicated groups for these users 
for collaboration. 

As in: not only describe how not to do it, but also how to do it.


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