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svn update and PO file


I just added one string to PO file.

Please understand PO files do not merge well if you simply do "svn up".  In
such case, you need to merge remote one and your local one using gettext tools.

If you have no order of preference.

 $ msgcat --no-wrap some1.po some2.po >some.po

Look for #-#-#-#-# where manual resolution is needed.

If you line some1.po better than some2.po.

 $ msgcat --no-wrap --use-first some1.po some2.po >some.po

PS: Even if you already did svn up and got funny merged file, do not worry.
Move it aside.  There should be old one and latest remote one with some suffix
indicating them.  Use then to create PO file.

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