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[iproute2] tc action mirred __ documents

Hi all,

I need some 'tc ... action ... mirred'  doc/man.
On "http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.intro.linux.html"  (Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control), it said
'Traffic control is almost undocumented.'

What I want to do:

My network is

B  D

All of the nodes(A, B, C, D) have two wireless cards (wlan0, wlan1).
A-B, B-C, A-D, D-C are wireless links.

Node A wnats to transmit packets with node C. Because the wireless links are not very reliable,
I want to forward the same packet through A-B-C and A-D-C simultaneously.
How to achieve my purpose?

Someone said,
>Not sure what the best solution would be, but you could investigate
>using the 'tc filter mirred' action. Essentially, the traffic control
>command allows putting filters on output (or input) that can be used
>to do things like mirror packets.

On node A,
wlan0, IP address ; wlan1, IP address
I use command 'tc filter add dev wlan0 ... match ip src ...
action mirred egress mirror dev wlan1' to mirror packets.

When I use 'tcpdump -i wlan1', I can 'see' the packets  'A(wlan0)->B' (node B will forward them to C).
How to forward the mirroring packets 'A(wlan1)' to D (then, node D forwards them to C) ?



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