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Re: Todo list for the release notes

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 03:04:13PM +0200, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> > > * TBC: po4a didn't return the right exit code, implied non-necessary 
> > >   po4a run by the past

Which po4a commands are you talking?


I found use of 
together with following in Makefile
 msgmerge --update --previous
was best.
> > I will check
> > Also: add an option to continue after a failure (but still fail at the
> > end)
> > 
> > > * use on single po4a file for many xml files

You mean
 single docname.pot file created by po4a-gettextize
 single docname.XX.po file for each language but for all XML files.

Use of po4a-updatepo updates po file for each language causes
docname.pot equivalent file to be generated as temp file repeatedly and
waists resources as I understand.  (I see release note use

> > >   * test if it more performant
> > >   - prevent parallelization of translation in large teams?

Not really.  We just have to decides source line number etc.

> > >   - allow to move 1 paragraph to another page

You mean:
 - allow to move 1 paragraph to another page without manual efforts

> > We need to talk to debian-i18n for this, and stress out the advantages.

I agree.

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