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Bug#536889: [developers-reference]: Please add an example for the short description starting with a verb

Package: developers-reference
Severity: wishlist


as described in #400970 the formulation of the short description starting
with a verb is not clear. Chapter 6.2.2 suggests:

"A good heuristic is that it should be possible to substitute the package
name and synopsis into this formula:

The package <name> provides {a,an,the,some} <synopsis>."

Applying this to a package description as
"display large colourful characters in text mode"
one could guess that a 3rd person form is more suitable:
"displays " ...

Nevertheless the non 3rd person form dominates:

apt-cache search create | grep ' - create' | wc -l

apt-cache search creates | grep ' - creates' | wc -l

It would be nice to have a small example or a hint for such a synopsis.


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