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Suggestions for lenny release note

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I just have one further item for the check list "sound does not work" in 
the release notes of lenny:

After an upgrade from etch the sound under KDE may fail to work, because 
of old config files of kmixer, although kmixer is not running in the 
system tray.

In my case I was able to set the mixer levels with alsamixer and 
store/restore them with /etc/init.d/alsa-utils or alsactl, 
respectively. But due to some old kmixer configs KDE reset the levels
during every login (and as a result /etc/init.d/alsa-utils stored these 
strange settings persisting the next reboot if not corrected during the 
KDE session). I did not have any kmixer running in the background.

A second nasty thing was the following problem with kdm:

On my box X froze on every logout (including keyboard/mouse). Maybe a 
note with the workaround mentioned in the bug report might be helpful 
in the release notes, too.


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